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Bauer and Insler Publish Article on Concussion-Related Injuries and Litigation

Beth Bauer and Charles Insler contributed to an article published in the April 2017 issue of FDCC Insights. The article, co-authored with four other defense attorneys from around the country, takes an in-depth look at concussion-related injuries and litigation.

The authors examine the status and key legal issues of both concussion-related injury litigation claims and related insurance coverage litigation. The medical science at the heart of these concussion-related injury cases is explained, followed by a discussion of plaintiffs’ medical monitoring claims. In addition, the authors analyze class action certification obstacles.

Various trial considerations are discussed, based on the authors’ observations of lessons learned from past head injury litigation. The article concludes with a glimpse into the future of product liability claims involving helmets.

FDCC Insights is a legal journal published by The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel. Bauer is a partner in HeplerBroom’s Edwardsville office, while Insler is an attorney in the firm’s St. Louis office.

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