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David Deterding, HeplerBroom Attorney, and Michael Harriss, HeplerBroom Law Clerk, Publish an Article in the MODL Quarterly Report

David Deterding, attorney, and Michael Harriss, law clerk and incoming associate, published “Avoiding Employee Litigation: An Employer’s Guide to Arbitration Agreements in Missouri” in the MODL Quarterly Report. The Report is a publication sponsored by the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers.

Over the last few years, arbitration provisions in Missouri have come under increasingly intense scrutiny. Specifically, Missouri courts have narrowly focused on the issue of whether arbitration provisions in employment contracts meet the requirements necessary for contract formation, i.e., offer, acceptance, and mutual consideration.

The article first briefly discusses the benefits of arbitration for employers, then identifies and discusses the recent trend of increased scrutiny of arbitration provisions by Missouri courts. Finally, the article sets forth the current state of the law in this area and provides practical advice for employers drafting such provisions.

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