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Hebrank Secures Asbestos Win in Appeals Court

Jeffrey Hebrank

An Illinois appeals court recently overturned a $4.6 million verdict awarded a mechanic who claimed his mesothelioma was caused from asbestos-containing welding rods he worked around in the early 1960s. The Court ruled that the evidence presented at the 2016 trial did not establish that the plaintiff was exposed to any asbestos from welding rods or in a sufficient quantity. Additionally, the Court held that there had been insufficient evidence presented that the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff based on the lack of evidence of knowledge of asbestos hazards in the 1960s. The full opinion can be read here.

The welding rods’ manufacturer, Hobart Brothers, was represented by Jeffrey Hebrank, a partner in the firm’s Edwardsville office. Hebrank focuses his practice on asbestos and other toxic tort matters.