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Defaults During a Global Pandemic

March 31, 2020

April 1 closes out one of the longest months Americans have felt in a while, and with it comes another big financial difficulty facing the country: Rent. Landlords and lenders alike will find themselves in the unsettling reality that many of their renters and borrowers cannot stay current during this pandemic. Only a few months […]

Tackling COVID-19 in the Workplace: Expanded Unemployment Eligibility and Benefits under the CARES Act are Just What the Doctor Ordered

March 31, 2020

Health experts have explained the need to “flatten the curve” through mandatory and voluntary social isolation. These painful yet necessary efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked a crisis in employment which is on course to surpass even the worst days of the 2008-09 financial crisis. Nationwide, millions have been laid off within a […]

Maintaining Legal Ethics During a Global Pandemic

March 28, 2020

In late 2019, Chinese health officials informed the World Health Organization (“WHO”) of a mysterious pneumonia outbreak.[1] Now, a quickly spreading virus known as Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) has infected people in multiple countries around the world. To date, almost half a million people have contracted the virus, and just over 22,000 cases have resulted in death […]

Missouri Supreme Court Holds that an Employee’s Mere “Request for Accommodation” of a Disability Does Not Support a Retaliation Claim Under the MHRA

March 26, 2020

On August 28, 2017, several new, employer-friendly provisions of the Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA) took effect. Since then, the Missouri Supreme Court has issued a string of employment law opinions favorable to employers. Most recently, the Supreme Court struck a victory for employers defending retaliation claims asserted under the MHRA based upon requests for […]

Challenging a Court’s Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction in Indiana

March 19, 2020

HeplerBroom’s Indiana office recently secured the dismissal of a long-standing lawsuit against its client, a product defendant in an asbestos case, on the basis that the Court lacked personal jurisdiction over the client. Notably, HeplerBroom was able to overcome the plaintiff’s various tactics for attempting to prove jurisdiction over the client, including an attempt to […]

What is Objectively Unreasonable Healthcare? Has the Implementation of Kingsley v. Hendrickson Caused an Unworkable Standard for Evaluating a Healthcare Professional’s Medical Decision- Making Under Section 1983?

March 11, 2020

Under Illinois law, a healthcare provider facing allegations of malpractice knows that the standard by which his or her actions will be judged is what a reasonably careful healthcare provider would do under the same or similar circumstances based upon testimony provided by expert witnesses from the same area of practice. However, physicians and healthcare […]

Pro Se It Ain’t So: Defending a Meritless Medical Malpractice Suit Filed by a Self-Represented Litigant

March 5, 2020

While overall trends show that more and more litigants are appearing in court without an attorney, in the medical malpractice context, defending a case against a pro se plaintiff is not as common. This is particularly true in courts where the amount in controversy must be in the tens of thousands before a court can […]

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