Looking for Real-World Legal Experience Between Your

2nd and 3rd Years of Law School?

Consider Applying for Our Summer Associate Program

HeplerBroom's Summer Associate Program is typically a 12-week experience that introduces select law students to our legal practice, business model, and firm culture. Program participants gain a working knowledge of our firm, our clients, and our expectations. At the same time, we get to know them and consider them for associate attorney positions with HeplerBroom after they’ve completed law school. We currently have Summer Associate positions in our St. Louis, Chicago, Edwardsville, and Springfield offices.

Substantive Legal Experience

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More than just a work experience, our Summer Associates have an intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding summer. They rotate through several of our practice areas, giving them a chance to work with a variety of attorneys and fully explore the opportunities available at our firm. They attend trials, hearings, and depositions, and they write motions, briefs, pleadings, and deposition summaries. By the end of the summer, they’ve enjoyed a unique opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of our client base and the work environment they’d experience as full-time associates. (It’s also exciting to see our Summer Associates’ work put to real use with our clients!)

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Attorney Mentors

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Program participants are each assigned an attorney mentor, who is chosen after considering the Summer Associate’s skills, goals, experiences, and interests. The mentor provides the Summer Associate with general guidance and support, as well as advice on how to manage and complete work assignments. Mentors also provide information on many aspects of the firm.

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Performance Evaluations

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As Summer Associates rotate through practice areas, supervising partners within those practice areas manage each program participant’s work flow. Together, mentors, supervising partners, and the program coordinator introduce Summer Associates to HeplerBroom’s attorneys and staff, assign them substantive legal work, and make sure program participants receive diverse, interesting, and challenging assignments.

Summer associates receive both formal and informal feedback on their work performance. Formal evaluations are given at the end of each practice area rotation. These reviews are based on written evaluations by the attorneys for whom summer associates have worked. We also encourage our attorneys to give Summer Associates regular informal feedback as the program participants work on completing their assignments.

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Social Activities

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Throughout the summer, program participants have the opportunity to take part in social activities that allow them to meet our attorneys and staff in a more informal atmosphere. They also help support our pro bono and community service efforts. In addition, we coordinate activities for program participants to get together on their own.

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HeplerBroom works closely with law school career centers to recruit for our Summer Associate Program. The firm participants in On-Campus Interview (OCI) days and posts openings through the schools’ student job boards. 

If you’re interested in being considered for our Summer Associate Program, please check with your career center regarding OCI deadlines, reach out to HBHR@heplerbroom.com for questions on how to apply, or send your resume to Recruiting@heplerbroom.com.

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