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Missouri Government Actions on COVID-19 – Updated 4/7/2020

Today’s update includes information on:

  • St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force
  • predicted surge in cases
  • Missouri Legislature


  • St. Louis Metropolitan hospitals have teamed up to create a COVID-19 task force called the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force. Dr. Alex Garza, who is the head of the task force, is expecting the number of COVID-19 cases in the area to peak in two or three weeks. Garza made clear that “[w]e have every reason to believe that the surge is still coming” and the best solution is to continue working to stop the spread by continuing the social isolation, social distancing, and maintaining good hygiene and clean environments.


  • Tuesday morning is expected to bring lawmakers in Missouri together at the capitol to debate a massive and unprecedented emergency aid package as a response to the global pandemic. While Governor Parson is expecting federal funding, the emergency aid package is expected to be much larger. In an effort to prevent further spread of the virus among lawmakers, the session will be handled in a different manner. While many are reluctant to go back to the capital to vote, they are also aware a decision on this package needs to be made.


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