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Illinois Government Responses to Covid-19 Updated 4/14/2020

Today’s update discusses:

  • Workers' Compensation eligibility for COVID-19 exposure
  • stay-at-home order expansion undecided


  • Governor Pritzker has announced his request to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to pass an emergency rule to protect essential workers. This rule presumes that essential workers like police officers, firefighters, health care workers, and grocery store clerks that contract COVID-19 were exposed on the job. The presumption is rebuttable.  Pritzker stated the goal was to first protect those who interact with infected persons on a daily basis, and then consider expanding the emergency rules to other areas.


  • During his daily press conference on COVID-19, Governor Pritzker stated he still has not determined whether he will extend the stay-at-home order again or if it will end as scheduled on April 30. Pritzker noted the importance of paying attention to the way the coronavirus case curve is moving before making a final decision. Ultimately, Pritzker stated, the safety of Illinoisans is a top priority.


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