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Indiana Government Actions on COVID-19 – Updated 4/22/2020

Today’s update discusses:

  • Department of Corrections COVID-19 cases
  • Governor’s plans to prepare businesses for reopening
  • State Supreme Court's ruling on garnishing federal stimulus checks


  • Starting this week, the Indiana Department of Corrections has started sharing updates of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths among inmates and staff. As of Monday, there have been 83 confirmed cases among staff members and 221 confirmed cases among inmates, three of who have died because of the virus. As a result, the Department of Corrections is implementing social distancing at all facilities and providing additional calls and video conversations for visitation options.


  • At his Tuesday briefing, Governor Holcomb began urging businesses to start preparing now for new ways to serve customers as he plans to start slowly reopening the state’s economy in May. Holcomb stated that he has been working with trade groups and other business associations on workplace standards meant to prevent another surge in illnesses, and he will eventually compile those guidelines into an executive order in the near future. Some of these guidelines will likely require businesses to buy some personal protective equipment if they want to resume their operations. Today is the deadline Governor Holcomb issued for businesses to submit a COVID-19 safety plan.


  • This week, the Indiana Supreme Court published an order protecting federal stimulus checks from being seized by creditors to pay past-due bills. However, this ruling does not extend to judgments or orders for child support, and any previously issued court order placing a hold on a debtor’s account must be subjected to a hearing before any protection is provided. This order is to remain in effect until Governor Holcomb declares the end of the public health emergency or until the court issues a subsequent order.


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