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Missouri Government Actions on Covid-19 - Updated 5/6/2020

Today’s update discusses:

  • Pfizer’s St. Louis County facility set to produce new COVID-19 vaccine for clinical trials
  • distribution of the state’s federal funding to local governments
  • Governor encourages residents to shop local


  • St. Louis County Executive Sam Page announced on Tuesday that Pfizer chose its St. Louis facility to produce a new COVID-19 vaccine for clinical trials. Pfizer is working with a German drug maker, BioNTech, with the first human participants in the United States to receive doses of the vaccine. Pfizer hopes the breadth of the program will allow for production of millions of vaccine doses by the end of the year, and hundreds of millions through next year.
  • During his briefings this week, Governor Parson announced that the state will be distributing funds received through the federal CARES Act to local governments. Under the CARES Act, Missouri received $2.4 billion in federal funding, with $173.5 million going to St. Louis County and $122.7 million to Jackson County. Additionally, 25% of the remaining shares will be distributed to Missouri counties based on population.


  • During a recent daily briefing, Governor Parson emphasized the importance of Missouri residents shopping local and supporting Missouri-based businesses. He stated,  “now more than ever, Missouri businesses need [the residents’] support to get back on their feet.” Both Governor Parson and Lieutenant Governor Kehoe discussed the Buy Missouri Program, implemented in 2018, which consists of several Missouri businesses that manufacture or process products in Missouri.  Several members and businesses were highlighted that have provided assistance to manage the COVID-19 outbreak in Missouri by manufacturing hand sanitizer, producing face shields, and donating canned water to first responders.


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