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Indiana Government Actions on Covid-19 - Updated 5/8/2020

Today’s update discusses:

  • revised guidelines for places of worship and funeral homes
  • how small businesses and nonprofits can apply for PPE


  • As reported earlier this week, places of worship may reopen today. However, revised guidelines released for places of worship show a slight change in operations. For example, there is no attendance cap for the services, but they are encouraged to still practice physical distancing and proper cleaning measures. Churches are also encouraged to conduct as many activities as possible remotely, place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations, have residents put on a face covering before entering, and more.
  • In addition to places of worship, funeral homes also have been reopened without a limitation on the number of individuals who can attend. Similarly, funeral homes are strongly encouraged to ensure there is 6 feet between individuals, hand sanitizer in high-contact locations, and face coverings in place before entering the building.


  • The first round of deliveries from orders placed on the state’s personal protective equipment (“PPE”) marketplace for small businesses and nonprofit organizations will ship today. As reported earlier this week, eligible small businesses and nonprofits can apply for PPE for their employees through the online marketplace. If a business missed the deadline for this week, it can visit the Marketplace Order form to apply for future deliveries.


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