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Missouri Government Actions on Covid-19 Updated 5/21/2020

Today’s update discusses:

  • asymptomatic residents to be tested
  • interactive dashboard launched
  • lawsuit filed against the University of Missouri
  • Chamber of Commerce pushes for special session on coronavirus-related lawsuits


  • In an effort to increase statewide testing efforts, Governor Parson is pushing to test everyone for COVID-19, whether they are showing symptoms or not. In addition, efforts have been made to make this testing affordable for those without health insurance. Last week, state lawmakers approved legislation, now awaiting the governor’s signature, requiring the state to cover the cost of a test taken by a resident who does not have health insurance. If the legislation is enacted, the state should achieve the goal of 7,500 tests a day.
  • To be more transparent regarding COVID-19 data, Missouri launched a COVID-19 Dashboard, which reports current coronavirus-related data. The dashboard includes statewide data on confirmed cases, the percentage change in cases within 24 hours and within 7 days, and the number of cases reported in each county. By selecting a particular county, one can access statistics for that particular county.


  • A student of the University of Missouri has filed a class action lawsuit in Boone County against the university, seeking a refund of spring semester tuition and fees because of the pandemic. The lawsuit alleges that the students’ “educational experience” was less than ideal once classes were moved online as it “deprived [students] of the many benefits of the full in-person university experience for which they paid.”


  • Yesterday, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce asked Governor Parson for a special legislative session for lawmakers to discuss protecting businesses from lawsuits regarding the pandemic. There have been multiple lawsuits filed by individuals, alleging they contracted COVID-19 while at an open business, despite that business’ good faith efforts to protect customers. Governor Parson stated this week that he does recognize the concerns of coronavirus-related lawsuits, stating “we’re not going to let attorneys go out here and sue everybody because they were doing their jobs.”


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