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Indiana Government Actions on COVID-19 – Updated 6/30/2020

Today’s update discusses:

  • Noblesville Schools reopening this fall
  • Rising concerns of a second wave coming as Indiana continues to reopen
  • Indiana counties extending orders requiring face masks
  • Governor Holcomb announcing extension of moratorium on renter evictions into July


  • Noblesville Schools (near Indianapolis) have been added to the list of schools reopening in the fall, though new guidelines will be in place. According to the Noblesville Schools website, schools are scheduled to open for in-person learning on August 3rd, but online learning will be available for students or family members with risk-factor health issues. However, parents should be aware that once they commit to either in-person learning or online learning, that commitment is for an established period of time and schools will not allow “back and forth” transitions. In addition, the schools will implement social distancing, increased cleaning, and mask wearing.


  • COVID-19 cases are rising among residents under the age of 30. According to a recent observation, people under 30 account for “more than 30% of positive tests.” Previously, those under age 30 made up about 12% of positive tests. As the country watches massive spikes of the virus in Texas and Florida, Governor Holcomb and Dr. Kris Box, the Indiana State Health Commissioner, are asking everyone, especially younger generations, to continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, and use good handwashing hygiene. As of now, the Governor plans to move to Stage 5 of his “Back on Track” plan on July 4, but some have expressed concern, stating “at this point the governor can either prevent a disaster in the fall or clean up a disaster in the fall.”
  • Some counties in Indiana are implementing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Elkhart County, for example, has ordered that residents wear masks when social distancing is not possible and any time they are in a local business. St. Joseph County has extended an existing order requiring masks through September 7. Indiana has not issued a statewide mandate that residents wear masks.


  • In his briefing last week, Governor Holcomb announced an extension of the moratorium on evictions of renters into July. The moratorium is meant to protect tenants from evictions during the ongoing pandemic. According to Governor Holcomb, his legal team is currently working on creating the documents to do this. Currently there is only a plan to extend the moratorium for evictions, not the moratorium on utility terminations.


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