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Nursing Home Litigation

For numerous reasons, long-term care facilities are targets for litigation. Legislation typically allows Illinois and Missouri courts to award attorneys’ fees to a winning plaintiff. The extensive regulations governing these facilities are also a lightning rod for criticism.

Our Long-term Care Practice Group:

  • represents clients in lawsuits
  • helps clients navigate potential claims
  • assists clients in investigating injuries

We Listen to Our Clients

The first thing we do with a case is make sure we and the client clearly understand the issues involved and have realistic expectations about how the litigation might unfold. We conduct a thorough investigation, retain experts, and assemble our resources to ensure the best possible result is achieved at every stage of litigation.

We Get Results

We believe our commitment to excellence, service, and value help us achieve our goal of bringing long-term satisfaction to each and every client.

We’re Experienced Litigators

Our team has handled hundreds of cases to successful completion.

Our Long-term Care Practice Group includes lawyers and paralegal staff who hold medical as well as nursing degrees. This expertise allows us to:

  • dissect the medical issues unique to each case
  • research the medical literature to stay abreast of medical developments
  • assist with developing appropriate defenses

We Know How to Handle a Wide Range of Clients and Injuries

Over the years, we have represented a broad range of types of long-term care facilities:

  • nationwide for-profit organizations
  • faith-based, not-for-profit nursing and rehabilitation facilities
  • small stand-alone facilities
  • intermediate care facilities
  • skilled nursing facilities
  • residential psychiatric care facilities

We have experience handling cases that involve a range of injuries and diseases, including:

  • death
  • dehydration
  • subdural hematomas
  • DVTs
  • pressure sores
  • amputations
  • infections
  • perforated intestines
  • elopement
  • allegations of staff abuse
  • broken bones (including neck, hips, femurs, and arms)

Our team also has extensive experience with insurance and the potential issues in this area of health care.

We Work with Highly Qualified Experts

We have developed relationships with health care experts who specialize in areas such as:

  • neurosurgery
  • infectious disease
  • neurology
  • surgery
  • psychiatry
  • orthopedics
  • gerontology
  • wound care
  • diabetes
  • nursing home administration
  • internal medicine

The expert witnesses we retain are properly trained and have extensive experience in the fields in which they are expected to render expert opinions.

We Provide Cost-effective Services

Our successes are meaningless if we don’t deliver our services with value. We collaborate with each client to develop the best strategy for individual cases.

Your priority is our priority. In one case, an early settlement might be the best result, whereas another situation might require an aggressive defense to control unrealistic expectations for a large payout.

Whether our clients are fully insured, completely uninsured, or somewhere in-between (e.g., large deductibles, self-insured retentions. or risk retention groups), we deliver our services in a cost-effective way.