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The minutes and hours immediately following an accident are critical. Our 24-hour Emergency Response Team investigates the scene, preserves and collects evidence and statements, and brings calm experience to stressful events. When litigation is necessary, we have extensive experience handling catastrophic loss, injury, and death claims for some of the most recognizable names in the transportation industry.


Proven and Recognized Trucking and Transportation Lawyers

Our trucking and transportation attorneys are experienced litigators who defend trucking companies and common carriers in complex litigation. We have extensive experience handling catastrophic loss, injury, and death claims for some of the most recognizable names in the transportation industry. We’ve also successfully handled cargo and property damage claims, subrogation claims, commercial litigation, regulatory issues, and labor and employment matters.

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This litigation often involves regulations issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (www., and we have the knowledge and experience to guide our clients through preparing for and attending Department of Transportation audits and compliance reviews.

We recognize the unique role of trucking companies and common carriers in our society. Our attorneys understand the necessity of an aggressive defense when faced with catastrophic and large loss claims, and we employ this expertise throughout the discovery process, during alternative dispute resolution, and at trial.

In the Right Places at the Right Times: 24-Hour Emergency Response

In the trucking and transportation industry, there are no “normal business hours,” and when it comes to investigating incidents and defending claims against the transportation industry, our goal is to have your business covered. That’s why we’ve established an Emergency Response Team.

The minutes and hours after a crash matter, and our clients know we’ll be there with them during those critical moments. When an accident occurs, a member of our Emergency Response Team responds immediately to preserve physical evidence and witness information, as well as to investigate the cause of the accident. An experienced transportation attorney comes to the accident scene, bringing with him or her the right investigators and accident reconstructionists. (These experts are crucial in conducting a complete investigation and in assisting us in making important determinations on downloading and interpreting event data recordings and other electronically stored information.)

With five offices located throughout the State of Illinois, an office in Missouri, and another in Indiana, we are uniquely situated near some of the most highly traveled roads in the country. When an accident occurs in Illinois, Missouri, or Indiana, our attorneys provide the necessary investigative support and ensure you receive advice from lawyers familiar with the practices, attorneys, and courts.

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