Legal Malpractice

Defending a lawyer is no easy task. Defending the underlying claim, often stale with age, is challenging as well. We enjoy the challenge and excel in this arena.


The interrelationship of the case within the case can be complicated, time consuming, and costly. Our expertise allows us to identify critical issues and evidence early so that agreement can be reached among the defense team and a strategic plan can be implemented from the initial pleading stage onward. This kind of planning and collaboration leads to long-term success for our clients.

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Successful defense of legal professionals requires unique depth of evaluation of both the defendant lawyer’s actions, but also the actions of of the other parties and the results of those actions. This necessarily involves critical assessment of the law and evidence applicable to both.  

Our experience in the defense of legal malpractice cases through dispositive motion, verdict, and appeal provides the cornerstone to critical legal and substantive issue identification early enough to plan and implement planned resolution through dispositive motions, settlement potential, or trial. Paired with our highly experienced appellate practice, we provide significant resources to any nuances of the underlying law and evidence. We are well aware that experts can be costly in the case-within-a case scenario, and thus their use and utility must be thoughtful.  

We have excellent experience with lawyers as clients. We respect their dedication to their work, their profession, and their input, yet understand our role in this arena is to guide and prepare the lawyer as defendant and work toward agreed-up strategies.

We provide close communication among the defense team at every step to assure an agreed upon, efficient yet winning plan. Our experience, knowledge, and depth of analysis allow us to spot critical issues early for the defense team, anticipate concerns, and respond appropriately as the case proceeds.  Once a plan is in place, those ongoing communications with the defense team remain critical through the life of the case.  In our view, this philosophy is what provides the best benefit to our clients.

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