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School Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience guiding school districts through the complex web of ever-changing laws and regulations applicable to educational institutions. Our primary goal is always efficient, cost-effective resolution to any dispute. However, should a claim arise, our experienced attorneys stand ready to defend school districts, teachers, coaches, board members, and administrators in any litigation.

Sound Legal Advice for Complex, Evolving School Law Issues

We work closely with school districts to develop policy manuals, student handbooks, and disciplinary approaches. We also work with and closely advise school boards on a variety of legal issues, including financing, employee matters, and student discipline. The firm also advises school personnel about day-to-day issues that may have legal consequences, including:

  • Personnel and labor matters involving contract negotiation and administration
  • Student discipline
  • Student and employee handbooks
  • Policy manuals
  • Contracts and bidding
  • Finance
  • Charter schools
  • Tax Incentive Financing Districts
  • Constitutional issues

Experienced Trial Lawyers

If litigation is required or appropriate, we aggressively represent our clients’ interests, frequently resolving the matter at the pre-trial stage with dispositive motions.

Our School Law and Education Group represents school districts, teachers, and administrators in a variety of litigation matters in federal and state courts, including but not limited to:

  • Premises Liability claims involving injuries that may occur on school property
  • Sexual Misconduct claims involving school personnel who are accused of sexual misconduct
  • Employment and Labor claims, including grievance proceedings, arbitrations, and litigation of employee claims.