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Our team of litigators are specifically suited to address the unique legal issues facing the public utility industry. Attorneys in our utility litigation group have decades of experience representing utility companies, cooperatives, and municipalities in a broad gamut of cases, including:

  • natural gas explosions and fires
  • electrical contacts/injuries
  • electrical fires
  • damage to underground and overhead facilities
  • premises liability
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • trespass, property damage, and flooding
  • indemnity/Insurance
  • debt collection
  • employment disputes and related issues
  • asbestos and benzene exposure

In addition to regularly representing clients from initial case investigation through appeal, our team of dedicated utility litigators go beyond that. Our clients know we’ll be there with them during the critical minutes and hours after a catastrophic incident. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day to respond immediately to a scene in order to assist with the investigation, preserve physical evidence and witness information, and coordinate necessary experts.

And while having this early response is important, so too is taking proactive steps toward incident prevention. That’s why HeplerBroom’s attorneys stay up-to-date on the latest developments affecting the utility industry and offer in-house training sessions for our public utility clients.