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I remember in drivers’ education class being shown the obligatory scary movie on railroad crossing accidents. After the wreck, one salty old train engineer says to another, looking at the demolished car, “Why don’t they learn, Slim?” “I don’t know, Jim,” the other fellow says, scratching his furrowed brow.

In the information security world, we are past the need for scare tactics. Only an ostrich might be oblivious to the heightened cyber risks these days and their increasing frequency. Nevertheless, periodically you see cautionary reminders of mistakes that are ...


Crystalline silica (“silica”) is a mineral found in materials such as sand, concrete, stone and mortar that are used in industrial products and at construction sites. Silica is also used in the manufacture of glass, pottery, ceramics, bricks, concrete and artificial stone. Medical studies have concluded that inhalation of silica can cause silicosis (a lung disease marked by scarring of the lungs) and increases the risk of lung cancer, COPD, and kidney disease. Exposure to silica is widespread in the construction and maritime industries, as well as in numerous general industry ...

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