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Gant is No Longer: Illinois Supreme Court Holds Direct Negligence Claims Against Trucking Company Appropriate Even Where Company Admits Vicarious Liability

April 22, 2022

by Michael Reda An opinion filed by the Illinois Supreme Court on April 21, 2022, will have a tremendous impact on the trucking industry. In McQueen v. Green, 2022 IL 126666, the Illinois Supreme Court held that plaintiffs may pursue separate claims for negligent hiring, negligent supervision, and negligent retention against a trucking company/employer for […]

Medical Care and Legislation Continue to Intersect Over Transgender Therapies
for Minors

April 14, 2022

Explores intersection of state initiatives to ban transgender therapy for minors with federal nondiscrimination laws and medical associations’ care guidelines

Changes to Annual Emissions Reports on Published Agenda for Illinois EPA

March 3, 2022

Discusses published agenda proposing changes to Illinois EPA AERs, including elimination of Illinois’ Emissions Reduction Market System

Illinois’ 2022 Employment Law Changes

March 1, 2022

Review statutory changes for to four Illinois employment laws that became effective in 2022

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