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    Amanda M. Mueller focuses her practice on cases involving complex litigation matters, including:

    • Premises liability matters
    • Personal injury matters
    • Religious/school institution cases involving allegations of ...

Describes changes in redaction requirements for all materials filed in Missouri courts from updates and revisions to the Missouri Rule of Civil Procedure.


Explores intersection of state initiatives to ban transgender therapy for minors with federal nondiscrimination laws and medical associations’ care guidelines


On July 10, 2019, Missouri Governor Michael Parson signed significant pieces of legislation that confirmed his emphasis on tort reform in Missouri. The Governor previously highlighted tort reform in his State of the State address in January 2019. In that address, Parson referenced the need for increased regulatory and venue reform in the Show-Me State. The legislation signed in this month’s slate achieved the goals outlined in that speech and more. The relevant bills will significantly impact litigation and trial practice in Missouri’s courts via considerations to venue ...


Since 2005, Missouri attorneys have struggled with the interpretation and application of Missouri’s collateral source rule as it related to evidence of a plaintiff’s medical treatment bills. Generally speaking, the collateral source rule bars a defendant from introducing evidence that part of a plaintiff’s damages were paid for by a party other than the defendant; i.e., the plaintiff’s insurance company or some other form of public benefit. In Missouri, however, that rule had been applied to allow plaintiffs to present evidence of the total amount billed by a health care ...

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