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    Holly C. Whitlock-Glave focuses her practice on civil litigation matters, including:

    • Construction contract and risk transfer
    • Construction injury & construction defect litigation
    • Civil and commercial litigation
    • Commercial ...

Explains how Illinois’ federal courts apply the control group test and common interest doctrine to determine whether attorney-client privilege applies to communications with non-employees.


Explains Illinois Appellate Court’s ruling to allow only limited use of Google Earth and other internet and satellite-based images as admissible evidence.


From West Coast to East Coast, states have rushed to issue orders, rules, and regulations to address the new coronavirus pandemic, including, in part, the states’ determinations of what construction work/services are “essential.” Those definitions of “essential” construction activities vary greatly;  some states adopted severe restrictions on construction (allowing only emergency repairs), while others issued few restrictions (leaving construction relatively unaffected).

Despite the states’ attempts to maintain “essential” construction ...

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