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Explores intersection of state initiatives to ban transgender therapy for minors with federal nondiscrimination laws and medical associations’ care guidelines


Summarizes 10/19/21 Oregon District Court decision to deny request for temporary restraining order against Oregon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate


Discusses 10/19/21 First Circuit decision to deny motion for preliminary injunction to prevent enforcement of Maine’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate


A person injured by another’s negligence is entitled to recover the reasonable value of the necessary medical care she received for her injuries. Although most injured parties have their medical care paid for by a third party—either health insurance or a government program—which settles the medical bills for a significantly discounted amount, in Illinois the injured party can submit the actual billed charges with a proper foundation to seek recovery of more than was actually paid for her care. In Willis v. Foster, 229 Ill. 2d 393 (208), the Supreme Court of Illinois held that ...


Under Illinois law, a healthcare provider facing allegations of malpractice knows that the standard by which his or her actions will be judged is what a reasonably careful healthcare provider would do under the same or similar circumstances based upon testimony provided by expert witnesses from the same area of practice. However, physicians and healthcare providers practicing in prisons, jails, and detention facilities will find that their decisions will be adjudicated under disparate standards that depend on a lay jury’s understanding of “objective ...

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