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Analyzes an Illinois Supreme Court ruling that in some legal malpractice cases, attorneys may have to pay the punitive damages their clients incurred in the underlying case


Analyzes Illinois Appellate ruling denying improper venue and forum non conveniens in case where co-defendant was dismissed after time required to appear


Analyzes judicial and advisory ethics opinions on whether arbitration clauses in attorney engagement letters are enforceable


Most lawyers are keenly aware of Illinois’ Attorney Registration Commission’s (ARDC) role in the attorney registration, licensing, and continuing education processes.  However, many are unaware of the processes involved in the investigation and prosecution of attorney discipline matters.  Here are three tips (and a bonus!) for things you should consider if you are faced with a complaint to or Request for Investigation from the ARDC.

  1. Don’t delay, but don’t fire off an emotional response.

Rule 53 of the Rules of the ARDC requires lawyers practicing within the state of ...


The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Responsibility (IDFPR) is the state agency that oversees licensure and discipline of various health care practitioners, including physicians, nurses, and dentists, among others. The IDFPR is charged with overseeing enforcement of the various healthcare practice acts, and it typically investigates matters brought to its attention, primarily from patient complaints. With the advent of electronic communications, dissatisfied patients can pursue complaints with far greater ease. The simplicity of electronically ...

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