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Summarizes recent Illinois Supreme Court decision reaffirming that cyclists are only intended users of the roadway when the municipality demonstrates its intent to have cyclists use the roadway.


Analysis of cases where Illinois Supreme Court chose to and not to use its powers of extraordinary intervention via writs of mandamus and prohibition


Reviews Illinois Supreme Court decision addressing whether exception in Section 337 requires possessor of land to warn trespasser of open and obvious danger


An opinion filed by the Illinois Supreme Court on April 21, 2022, will have a tremendous impact on the trucking industry. In McQueen v. Green, 2022 IL 126666, the Illinois Supreme Court held that plaintiffs may pursue separate claims for negligent hiring, negligent supervision, and negligent retention against a trucking company/employer for the employer’s conduct in failing to reasonably hire, supervise, or retain an employee, even where the trucking company/employer admits vicarious liability for its truck driver/employee.

In departing from long-standing precedent and ...


Analysis of a 2020 Illinois Supreme Court ruling that allows213(f)(3) controlled experts to be redesignated as 201(b)(3) consultants during discovery


Illinois’ Supreme Court will decide whether an Appellate Court opinion in Gant also applies to negligent training claims against employers


Illinois' Supreme Court is set to decide if the exclusivity provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act bar a BIPA claim


The Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) establishes safeguards and procedures relating to the retention, collection, disclosure, and destruction of biometric data. Passed in October 2008, BIPA is intended to protect a person’s unique biological traits—the data encompassed in a person’s fingerprint, voice print, retinal scan, or facial geometry. This information is the most sensitive data belonging to an individual. Unlike a PIN code or a social security number, once biometric data is compromised, “the individual has no recourse, is at [a] heightened risk for ...


In Russell v. SNFA, 2013 IL 113909 (Ill. Apr. 18, 2013), the Illinois Supreme Court held that Illinois courts had jurisdiction over a French company despite the fact that the company had no offices, assets, property or employees in Illinois, no license to do business in Illinois, and did not specifically direct product sales in Illinois and was generally unaware its products were being distributed in the state.

On January 28, 2003, the sole occupant and pilot of a helicopter died after his helicopter crashed in Illinois. The decedent was a resident of Georgia who was living in Illinois ...

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