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Real Estate Law

HeplerBroom’s real estate attorneys work closely with each client to understand his or her unique circumstances. We then apply the insight we’ve gained from our broad level of experience to help the client develop and implement an effective strategy.

We’ve successfully represented a variety of clients in everyday as well as complex commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation. Our clients include:

  • private landowners
  • financial institutions
  • tenants
  • investors
  • contractors
  • developers
  • landlords
  • governmental agencies

In addition to working with a wide range of clients, we also have extensive experience handling a wide range of real estate matters, including:

  • easements
  • eminent domain
  • forcible entry and detainer
  • foreclosure on commercial and residential properties
  • specific performance, including injunctive relief
  • mechanics liens
  • drainage actions
  • quiet title actions
  • partition actions
  • ejectment
  • title commitments
  • construction litigation
  • real estate purchase agreements and installment contracts
  • zoning
  • demolition and condemnation
  • property taxes
  • tax deed proceedings
  • tax-free exchanges