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Premises Liability

HeplerBroom LLC has extensive experience defending premises owners and operators, especially in some of the country’s most active jurisdictions, including Madison, St. Clair, and Cook counties in Illinois and the City of St. Louis, Missouri. We defend premises owners and operators in cases where the allegations range from injuries resulting from a slip and fall to injuries due to exposure to substances such as asbestos and benzene.

Our team of experienced trial attorneys has an in-depth understanding of the complex issues facing owners and operators of a variety of premises, including:

  • Power generation facilities
  • Production facilities for:
    • Chemicals
    • Construction materials
    • Consumer products
    • Automotive products
  • Food processing facilities
  • Oil refineries
  • Breweries
  • Paper mills
  • Steel mills
  • Retail centers

The current status of laws governing the duty of care owed by a premises owner to individuals lawfully on the premises can make premises actions difficult cases to defend. However, our team of attorneys understand and regularly employ many legal theories that provide an exception to the duty of care owed by premises owners (such as the independent contractor and open and obvious doctrines) or provide a bar against plaintiffs’ claims (such as an applicable construction statute of repose or the application of workers’ compensation exclusivity provisions).

Our attorneys work with a dedicated group of paralegals to provide competent, creative, and cost-effective legal representation for our clients. In addition to our exceptional staff, we utilize advanced technology and communication resources in defense of these matters.

We handle cases throughout the Midwest, working from our offices in Edwardsville, Springfield, Chicago, and Crystal Lake, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; and Hammond, Indiana.