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Commercial Litigation

HeplerBroom has built its reputation on being able to help clients resolve business and commercial disputes effectively.

Our Approach

We work with our clients as trusted advisors who keep a sharp focus on clients’ long-term needs and goals. We listen first — then apply our knowledge and skills to solve the problem.

Avoid a Trial Whenever Possible

As trial lawyers, we are often the best resource to avoid lawsuits. We frequently counsel clients on how to resolve business issues without the cost and uncertainty of litigation. We also have a strong record of resolving disputes through mediation and other pre-trial strategies.

If a Trial is Necessary, We’re Ready

We know how to handle complex litigation and industry-specific issues.

Our trial lawyers have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of jury trials, non-jury trials, and arbitrations. Our commercial litigation experience includes work at both the trial and appellate levels in local, state, and federal cases.

We’ve Got the Technology – and We Know How to Use It

Have a case involving large documents? No problem. Our attorneys and professional support staff also have extensive experience in and the technology available for organizing and managing it.

Need to utilize computer forensics assets? We’ve got it covered. The ability to recover deleted files, browser history, and document routing can often make all the difference in a case.

Our experience combined with the use of cutting-edge technology and an understanding of large-scale data translate to favorable, cost-effective, speedy results for our clients.

Who We Help

We’re experienced in working with companies—from Fortune 50 to local family businesses—to help them achieve prompt and effective dispute resolutions.

Our clients range from private family-owned businesses to some of the largest publicly traded companies in industries such as:

  • financial services
  • food and agriculture
  • real estate and real estate finance
  • manufacturing
  • transportation
  • retail
  • technology
  • energy
  • pharmaceutical
  • health care
  • sports and entertainment
  • hospitality

What We Help Them With

Our trial and business experiences mean we can provide solid counsel and legal defense on such issues as:

  • advertising liability
  • agribusiness and food litigation
  • banking and lender liability
  • breach of contract disputes
  • business acquisition litigation
  • construction contract, performance, and failure matters
  • consumer and class action cases
  • director and officer liability claims
  • distribution of products and services disputes
  • eminent domain issues
  • fidelity bond claims
  • fiduciary litigation
  • financial services litigation
  • franchise litigation
  • non-compete, trade secret, and employee unfair competition claims
  • real estate finance
  • shareholder liability
  • sports and entertainment litigation
  • trade regulation matters
  • UCC sales and secured transactions issues

Solving business and commercial disputes effectively is vital to companies and their stake-holders. The complexities of today’s economy, corporate governance, media and investor relations, and constantly evolving technology challenge business leaders to successfully navigate often uncharted waters. Our practical business experience and in-depth legal expertise enhance our clients’ prospects for successful results.