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Trucking & Transportation

Our trucking and transportation attorneys have extensive experience in defending trucking companies in complex litigation including freight and property claims, commercial litigation, regulatory compliance, labor and employment, and most importantly, large loss injury and death claims. Our attorneys immediately implement their Emergency Response Team when an accident occurs in order to preserve physical evidence, witness information, and to investigate the cause of the accident. Our attorneys work with numerous accident investigators and reconstructionists who can be on the scene quickly. We understand the importance of maintaining relationships with transportation experts who are able to assist with scene and vehicle inspections. These experts are also able to assist us in making critical determinations on downloading and interpreting event data recording information and other electronic media.

The attorneys at HeplerBroom LLC not only work with corporate trucking clients at interstate trucking companies, but are uniquely qualified to represent motor coach companies, independent operators, hazardous material shippers, and others involved in the transporting of passengers and goods. This work frequently falls within the jurisdiction of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (www.fmcsa.dot.gov). Our attorneys are prepared to assist companies through a Department of Transportation audit or compliance review and meet and advise safety and compliance staff in preparation for these audits.

Not only do we respond immediately when an accident occurs, our experienced attorneys understand the necessity of an aggressive defense when faced with a large loss or catastrophic claim and will use this expertise throughout the discovery process, alternative dispute resolution, or where appropriate, at trial.

We recognize the unique role that trucking plays in shipping goods across this country and recognize the exposure for trucking companies be it local, regional, or national.