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Medical Malpractice Law

Our Medical Malpractice Group serves hospitals, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, chiropractors and other medical professionals against claims and potential claims for medical malpractice. We have represented medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in connection with personal injury litigation. We also represent medical professionals when attorneys request medical records, statements or testimony in connection with a patient who may have had an undesirable course of treatment.

Dedication to providing quality representation to the health care community is part of our culture. Our team is led by experienced attorneys who have a genuine appreciation for the medical field as they share the livelihoods and experiences of licensed, practicing physicians in their families. Not only are our lawyers involved in the legal community, our families are an active part of our medical community. We understand how medical malpractice lawsuits affect medical professionals and the medical community.

Strategic planning, attention to detail and active communication form an integral part of every case we handle. Our group conducts frequent staff meetings to continually monitor developments and adjust the strategies if necessary. We ensure that our clients are timely updated with the status of their cases to insure they do not have to ask us about the status of their cases.

Client value must be present in every task. The best outcomes are not satisfactory if they are not delivered with value. The Medical Malpractice Group brings experience and knowledge to evaluate each case and how to best assemble our resources for effective, efficient representation.

Long term satisfaction is our goal. We believe that our dedication, skill and the value of our services will allow us to achieve that goal.