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Professional Liability Law

Our Professional Liability Malpractice Group:

  • defends lawyers, brokers, accountants, and other professionals in professional negligence claims
  • represents professionals before state disciplinary/regulatory boards and federal administrative agencies
  • assists professionals and entities with depositions, trial testimony, and records production
  • provides risk management education
  • handles cases in both state and federal courts/jurisdictions

We Listen to Our Clients

The first thing we do with a case is make sure we and the client clearly understand the issues involved and have realistic expectations about how the case might unfold. We conduct a thorough investigation, retain experts, and assemble our resources to ensure the best possible result is achieved at every stage of a case.

We Get Results

We believe our dedication and skill, as well as our commitment to excellence, service, and value, help us achieve our goal of bringing long-term satisfaction to every client.

Our Team

Our Professional Liability Malpractice Group is led by experienced attorneys who have a genuine appreciation for the unique issues that face professionals in these often complex and unique claims. Dedication to providing quality representation to professionals is part of our culture.

Our Approach

Strategic planning, attention to detail, and ongoing communication form an integral part of how we handle every case. Working as a team, we collaborate with clients to develop the best strategy for each case. Sometimes early resolution may be the best option, whereas in other cases a comprehensive and aggressive defense (often involving dispositive motions or trial) is warranted. Our early assessment identifies the various strategies available, to which we add our recommendations for the particular case involved.

Our Experts

Over the years, we have developed relationships with experts who consult and offer opinions on topics that can affect liability, causation, and damages, including specialized areas of law, bankruptcy, accounting and finance, insurance coverage, real estate, construction, and medicine. The expert witnesses we retain are properly trained and have extensive experience in their fields